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Please note: The decimal is missing in OS4 in the keypad. An update is coming to fix this.

* New and Noteworthy (November 2009) * -iTunes

* #1 in Finance * -iTunes

* Best App for Managing Kids™ Money * -O'Reilly's Best iPhone Apps

* With its appealing design and fun easy to use features this really is a major must have application *

* Top Ten iPhone Apps in the Finance -Incredible iPhone Apps For Dummies

* Recommended for Moms -Apps for Me

Bank of Mom is the best way to keep track of your kids virtual bank accounts and a great way to teach them about money. In today's world, cash is less often used, it can be difficult for children to understand and learn the concept of money, savings and healthy financial habits. Show your kids their transactions, balance and interest earned from an early age and they won't be overwhelmed when they get their first bank account or credit card. With the ability to track money, time and activities, Bank of Mom is flexible and will even help children too young to care about money.


* Track multiple accounts and their transactions
* Track deposits and withdrawals
* Track money
* Track time for TV, videos games, etc (in minutes)
* Track activities such as sleepovers, trips, etc
* Ability to email transactions
* Easy way to add interest
* Each account has it's own interest rates


Icons & Buttons

* Tap the "+" button to add an account or transaction
* Tap the "Recycle" button to edit/delete accounts or transactions
* Tap the "Letter" button to email the transactions
* Tap the "Sapling" button to add interest to an account
* "Currency" icon represents monetary balance
* "Clock" icon represents time (in minutes) balance
* "CFL" icon represents activities balance

Adding an Account
In the Saplings screen, tap the "+" button (top right) and a new screen will appear. Enter the name of the account, the child's name for example, and tap Save.

Adding a Transaction
Tap the account to go to the Transaction screen. Tap the "+" button (top right) and a new screen will appear. Tap Deposit or Withdraw and enter a description. Enter monetary value next to the "Currency" icon, enter time (in minutes) value next to the "Clock" icon, or enter an activity next to the "CFL" icon. Enter one, any two or all three. Enter the transaction date and tap Save.

Editing a Transaction
Tap the account to go to the Transaction screen. Tap the transaction you want to edit and a new screen will appear. Change the transaction details and tap Save.

Deleting Accounts/Transactions
Tap the "Recycling" button (bottom right) to go to edit mode. Tap the "-" next to the account or transaction you want to delete and a Delete button will appear. Tap the Delete button to delete the account or transaction. When you're finished, tap the "Recycling" button again to exit edit mode.

Search Transactions
Tap the account to go to the Transaction screen. Tap the search bar entry to show the keyboard. Enter at least three letters and tap Search button. Tap "x" to clear the search bar entry. Tap Cancel to reset the search results.

Adding Interest
Tap the account to go to the Transaction screen. Tap the "Sapling" button (bottom left) and a new screen will appear. You can enter the interests manually or use the sliders to calculate the interest. First entry is monetary interest and second entry is time (in minutes) interest. You can only enter positive interests and negative account balances will result in zero interest regardless of interest rate.

Email Transactions
Tap the account to go to the Transaction screen. Tap the "Letter" button (bottom left) and a new screen will appear. Enter an email address and tap Send. Tap Cancel to exit without sending the email.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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